The Daily Diet Food has the potential to influence the absorption

For people with Parkinson’s who have mild or no motor fluctuations, meals should be distributed equally throughout the day. For people who experience motor fluctuations, it may be helpful for each type of food to be split into different meals during the day...

Food Categories Carbohydrates, fats and fibre

Carbohydrates: sugars in themselves do not interfere with prescribed medications, although they appear, in some cases, to affect their transport to the brain, as a result of increased secretion of insulin which reduces the level of circulating amino acids.

10-Day Dietary Plan In PD, the most important aspect is the daily diet

To help you to have even more possibilities and variety, discover here a 10-day dietary plan.

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Diet doesn't mean giving up the pleasure of experiencing different tastes. Our chefs have created some tasty and fun recipes based on special food needs for PD patients

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Take a look at a delicious range of recipes. Each has been created by a trained nutritionist, paying special attention to the specific needs of people living with Parkinson’s Diseas

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