Zambon is a leading pharmaceutical and chemical multinational with a reputation for inventive and innovative thinking, flexibility and customer focus.

Established in Vicenza in 1906 and currently headquartered in Bresso, it operates on three continents - Europe, South America and Asia - with more than 2600 employees in 15 different countries and as at 31/12/2014, it had a consolidated revenue of € 601 Mio. Today, Zambon is a multicultural group which, in the patchy and constantly-changing scenario of the pharmaceutical industry, has managed to strengthen its competitive position on the market.

The need for increased flexibility and efficiency has encouraged Zambon to steer its organisational structure towards an increasingly integrated model where internal divisions, different legal entities, teams, suppliers and distributors can develop between them a higher level of organisational integration, both internally and externally.

The constant affirmation of the Group's identity has recently led Zambon to reshape its Business Brand as an Italian company whose unique nature shows distinctive traits of entrepreneurship and Italian craft. Zambon, with a firm business identity, also communicates both internally and externally with its brand, with accounts of its history, of its success and its changes, with its values and not least with its products, of which it is extremely proud.

Behind this strong identity is an integrated organisational structure: Zambon Company SpA is the industrial holding of the Zambon Group, made up of the fine chemicals division Zach System, pharmaceutical multinational Zambon SpA and Z-Cube, the corporate venture of the Zambon Group which achieved the launch of start-up ventures PharmEste, SuppreMol GmbH and ProtAffin Biotechnologie AG thanks to highly innovative projects.